The brokerage agency and / or the assets is owned by it and the "company" was established (, - ) Below 513041608
And / or the site, and manages as an operator used by Asher and the "Agency" (, the assets "" owns - Respectively) below, the assets
⁇ Free⁇
Commercial real estate use properties from a variety to be impressed can be through the online platform constitutes the site.2
And / or for rent the agency by and / or by it marketers and / or offered and which The property is owned by the occupants
For Sale
Terms of Use "(" Terms and Conditions ") The following is in the document listed and the terms and conditions of the Subject are on the Website of Use .3
Users and the agency and / or the assets owned by and / or the company between legally binding agreement Constitute the use
From any site, browsing and / or visiting, including the site, all services offered and / or provided Terms of use apply.4
Indirectly.and directly between these, using services that do all about also as it is, communication Install
In it, the terms of use and the site from time to time change the right to the agency and / or the property to the owner And / or the company.5
Between the site, partial or full break activity to bring as well as services to detract and / or add This right and in general
Change including change, all exclusive.they opinion for consideration and subject to time in any current, maintenance works for necessary Permit
Immediately.In the update from the time users of the site will require the use, provided
⁇ You⁇ own⁇ you⁇ that⁇ declares⁇ you⁇ are⁇ in⁇ services⁇ using⁇ what⁇ you⁇ do⁇ .6
These are the actions to be performed according to law and the legal authority is kosher
The Internet. In a content network for the accessibility of the Israeli law, the requirements are this site.7
Convenience for the sake of masculine pronouns in both language and phrases, and women for men are designated below use conditions.8 And
Do you agree and that the use of the terms and conditions and the understanding you have read that you approve of the site provided in the services used in your use .9
to them
On the website displayed for information regarding liability b.
Virtual Video Tours, Photo Videos, Illustrations, Including, Exhibits and Data Site Information, Services.10
And without "AS" IS to them and offered only, the site users and convenience for the benefit of those provided, And so on in assets
Any factor in which the shares are owned by and / or the agency and / or the company and / or the assets owned by On behalf of any liability
On behalf of them. Or the assets having.12
Any damage caused by any liability and / or liability shall be borne and not in them, in the event that errors may occur. And / or on the website
The information between matching may result in damages being caused as well as on them, some cause of reliance as a result And
In practice, the situation on the site and the data
Their price, such as on the site the famous properties about data except: and without including this, for interest and data ", "Information
The virtual tours and / or video videos and / or the pictures and / or the illustrations and more, their location Their description, availability,
On the website, which are displayed in the properties
Exclusively, and only, but applies to the site of the exhibits and data the information of and their quality are correct for the examination of liability .13
Also as on the website, the tours and / or video videos and / or photos and / Or the simulations.14
⁇ May⁇ thus⁇,⁇ due⁇ to⁇ only⁇ / Or the furniture
The site shows that it is as their technical specification and / or actual assets status and that data Between gaps being
On the site, the exhibits and data are information on reliance on an action or transaction making regarding any decision to make .15
In those, etc. available in the property in question that the fact its location, description, property, to the prices referring to the data Including
The information is the data only. The site users of responsibility for are information based on actions and / or Transactions and execution
Or planning appraisals, engineering, tests to perform a modal change in any constitute are not on the site, which appear
In real estate, a transaction for the purpose of legal assets
The owner and any third party and / or the site users whether you enter into a transaction for any party will and will not Is not the company.16
Agency and / or assets
An offer to submit is not in the properties. A transaction to be executed on their behalf. And
There will be no other, third party and / or agency and / or assets owner with a contract of engagement Constitute to as aforesaid
The agency and / or the assets to the owner of Dahua On offer
Has an explanation, giving and without the sole opinion of a consideration according to the aforesaid proposals
Reject or accept an absolute devoted right
An offer to any respondent is not the agency and / or the assets
You have no possibility or ability that the company knows that you approve of the use of the services you provide on the site .18
Any claim will be heard no yes and on the site, the exhibits and contents given in the information, are correct to verify or Examine control,
As stated, in inaccurate information or correct partiality, in connection with actions against any liability Carry and are not complete, or up-to-date, those on the sites displayed information that undertake
Browsing due to damage caused by any of Begin and / or those on the sites displayed information on reliance as a result To be taken
Sites in the same
Video tours, photos, programs, including content of further distribution and / or download enable May the site.20
Those who may be liable for damages are not owned by the company and / or the agency and / or the assets, etc. Virtual,
For any reason, any responsibility will be borne and not these, software downloaded and / or used as a result of being caused
In it, contained in the information and / or on the site used to make will choose the real estate, brokerage of the owner's license including Any, that causes as much as⁇ .21⁇
Transactions for the execution of an offer and / or execution for the benefit of further, to deliver or send it to him, Distribute it, that and in general
"Law -) hereinafter 1996 - in real estate, the intermediaries in the law as meaning in real estate brokerage operations and / or In real estate
And on his behalf, his responsibility for doing so is, after all, related to incidental action and everything in the real estate "(the realtors
⁇ Said⁇.⁇ The⁇ actions⁇ with⁇ in⁇ any⁇ connection⁇,⁇ under⁇ the⁇ responsibility⁇ of⁇ bearing⁇ and⁇ not⁇ party⁇,⁇ is⁇ and⁇ the⁇ company⁇
Instruction and / or obligation to overcome and / or replace and / or overcome and / or ⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇
The real estate, law and / or real estate that mediates a law by virtue of this and in general any law by virtue of which it causes All about the motel
Our Privacy Policy c.
It is very important and your privacy is respected by the agency and / or the property owner and / or The company.23
They have been given the information to maintain many efforts made by the agency and / or the property owner and / or Or the company
Your privacy
Address, telephone, full number, name such as about you details to the company to provide and be asked can on the site, From use as part.24
Delivery and not possible however these, details for legal delivery mandatory all you apply no more Address address
On the site
The details on the website will be used, everything will be done and that will be accurate and correct, you will provide the details that are required. You are .25
⁇ After⁇.⁇ Impersonation⁇ or⁇ fake⁇ identity⁇ within⁇ you⁇,⁇ belong⁇ to⁇ non⁇
To maintain your consent and the free will you wish the express you are on the site, from the use as part of your details delivery while .26
By the manager the information in the database in the services, the use and / or on the services website and monitored by you The information provided
On the site, your use of the information regarding the company will be stored on the site, from your use and as part can yes, as the company .
The IP address on the site, you performed the same type activity by you, were called and / or you Of interest and pages content ads,
And more. Your location, privacy "(" Protection of "law -) below 1981 - Privacy, Protection
Third parties to the parties and / or to the agency and / or the assets to the owner to be handed over can the company by you collect The information.28
Third parties and / or the agency and / or the assets of the business owner and / or company Its partners who are
Legal relationship: All of the provisions in accordance with the following, the purposes for the benefit of the information used to make may be as stated And
Of personalized customization of interest, including services relating to site supply information, operating services for the purpose with you
Marketing Advertising, and Commercial Materials Sending Offers and Your Views, Your Interest in Areas Depending on Site Content
And / or proposals in this regard, third parties and / or the agency and / or the assets owned by and / Or the company on behalf of others or
That you may do so and subject to your consent subject to your interest, that additional information about information and / or additional services may
The use
Necessary and this to the extent that on its behalf service to the providers of your details the deliver the company may be above, the aforesaid notwithstanding .29
⁇ By⁇ or⁇ use⁇⁇ conditions⁇ by⁇ the⁇ company⁇ fulfillment⁇ obligations⁇ to⁇ the⁇ name⁇ and⁇ /⁇ site⁇ of⁇ the⁇ standard⁇ of⁇ its⁇ management⁇ guarantee⁇ opal
It shall be that the company, as far as relevant, to such parties to provide details may the company have further law
Other, of his property or to his body and / or your property or to your body causing damage to prevent the necessary information Delivering that believing basis
As far as the company, of its shares sale of in case as well as as stated information
Deliver to the company the teacher judicial order will be accepted if
The transaction will constitute the information you provide
The number of system users in favor of the company may place the use, under the conditions regulated by the service in the framework.30
⁇ Other⁇⁇ Phone⁇⁇ Number⁇⁇ All⁇ and⁇ /⁇ Realtors⁇ and⁇ /⁇ Properties⁇⁇ Owners⁇⁇ of⁇⁇ and⁇ /⁇ Your⁇⁇ Numbers⁇ You will replace a dedicated telephone
) Customers on the part of whom calls are received will be routed to the system in the system that appears and / or the system users of
Information and / or service to receive who are interested in another user system and / or property owners and / or Intermediaries and / or third parties (
Other information and / or in the system of relevant publicity assets about
A record that the company for this, your approval of and gives you, is known to declare you in it, the use and / Or to the registry at 31
For owners and / or potential customers and the system users between the aforesaid, to the number that the calls will be routed the
The numbers you will keep in its systems as well as in the system, another user all and / or with you and / or the intermediaries And / or the assets
The need and the degree of the calls Documentation of the service, improvement there and this is the recording, from a copy also like the callers
The assets of the owner and / or the company of statistical research for the purpose collected anonymously in the information used and made possible.32 And
And / or the website within the framework of the services provided, expansion and / or improvement that concern third parties, parties and / or Agency and / or
The aforesaid factors of their opinion consideration according to additional purposes
And / or the characteristics and / or the accumulators in the use of software made by the agency and / or the assets owned by and / Or the company.33
Or "" Cookies such as various technologies used in this and the Site in general, your use of how data are analyzed ⁇ Settings⁇⁇ the⁇⁇ change⁇ or⁇ update⁇⁇ time⁇⁇ at⁇ any⁇⁇ you⁇ can⁇ them⁇
And some allow it, in case Your device
Properly. Will not work or will be available to you will not be on the site offered from the uses
For your full consent and the free will you wish to express you are leaving your details and / or your registration site At .34
The company, of the business from its partners and / or from the agency and / or the assets from the owner and / or from the advertising company "" My words
In these, etc. various products or services for the purchase of marketing offers, or information publications, articles, updates , Including
Act for instructions in accordance with automatic, dialing systems and / or text messages and / or e-mails via
The mailing from your own list may be removed and subject to this, 1982 - and broadcasts (,) Bezeq Communications
The law
⁇ Submit⁇ that⁇ you⁇ choose⁇ as⁇ much⁇ as⁇ that⁇ about⁇ you⁇ information⁇ for⁇ legal⁇ delivery⁇ is⁇ mandatory⁇ all⁇ you⁇ apply⁇ not⁇ because⁇ you⁇ know⁇ to⁇ bring .35
As full as possible, your mind and your free will by virtue of it makes you, after all, on the site, from using it as part of it Information
Of the information in the database will be held which in the information review the right to you to stand after all about you, information to deliver that you choose
The information to the holder to contact you clear, which is not or parts incorrect, is about you the information that you will find as much The company.
And the Private Regulations Protection of Law by virtue of the relevance to the provisions and subject in accordance with everything to its deletion.
By virtue of it
And / or personal computer and the use of the network from a structure that naturally arises from the risks involved in the Internet using the network.36
To secure the best of its ability, the agency and / or the assets of another owner and / or company operate Equipment communication
The assets of the owner and / or this company, with the website, are browsed by providing this information And in general on the website, which contains the information
The Internet in the network from the use resulting from the risks all the full in the form of blocking option no agency and / or
For the exposure that the site will bring to legally impenetrable systems, the possibility will be made of this and in general above, as stated
You are on the site, the use and / or registration and / or your details left while authorized In which the information is stored
Not the agency and / or assets owned and / or the company you know that and declares the aforesaid, the risks Yourself on getting
As a result of which indirect, or direct damages will be caused, with regard to liability in any bearing
You know that you are declaring that you are using the site for more than 18 years. Services.37
The legal guardian and / or their parents consent to the submission of minors by and / or about details That you delivered
Is not the agency and / or assets the other owner and / or company.Internet for link sites contain may The site.38
According to their accessibility, as well as access to such external sites, the privacy policy has begun. responsible
The privacy policy is subject to the policy that users of these sites, external to the sites to use, will choose the site.
These are on the websites
⁇ Other⁇ information⁇ all⁇ and⁇ the⁇ company⁇,⁇ by⁇ prepared⁇ or⁇ photographed⁇ which⁇ assets⁇,⁇ of⁇ plans⁇ In the virtual properties tours
Of the sole proprietorship are in the system, other component and all software including the company by on delivered or prepared And
The company.
Intellectual property is in those and so on their location description, availability, price, including assets, data about The information.40
The assets
Of storage and / or modification, duplication, publication, use, presentation, transmission, transmission, Distribution, copying, over absolute prohibition applies.41
Prior consent of receipt without the agency and / or assets owned by and / or the company of the intellectual property constituting Content
And in writing.
) Web from the site content or information any collection or extraction for pumping, using the technique of making on Absolute prohibition applies.42
Robots, collection,) automatic motors and manual means in a manner including, and shape technology in all, ( "Scraping
And in writing.⁇ In advance⁇⁇ confirmation⁇⁇ receipt⁇⁇ without⁇⁇ etc.⁇ (,⁇ content⁇⁇ spiders⁇,⁇
Permission not to have any type of information on the site and / or on a commercial site for any use Absolute prohibition applies.43
The company.
The renter / purchaser of information as a source intended for the site is used for the benefit of only the site and the site Usage.44
⁇ Otherwise⁇.⁇ Purpose for all and not the property of potential⁇
Applicable law e.
The Israeli law provisions shall apply from it arising and all at the site of use on
⁇ District⁇⁇ competent⁇⁇ law⁇⁇ for⁇⁇ houses⁇⁇ dedicated⁇⁇ site⁇⁇ use⁇⁇ with⁇⁇ connection⁇ and⁇ exclusive⁇ unit⁇⁇ jurisdiction⁇⁇ authority⁇
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