To create a property page with a virtual tour that will be published in the SmartBroker system

Significantly reduces the time your properties remains vacant

Each day your property remains vacant means you lose a lot of money Play

Control and distribution from any device and from anywhere

Smart Closing

The first ever solution for property owners that allows them to find suitable tenants quickly, in an age where tenants are overwhelmed with offers and they want to get all the information about properties, about buildings and surroundings before they go o

Why Smart Closing ?

Because only the combination of the 6 tools we have created for you provides an effective solution:
  1. Set up a dynamic website

    Each property is given a dynamic web page / property page that includes all the information a potential tenant needs - information about the property, about the building and the surroundings. Including prices, plans, and more.

    Smart Broker
  2. Virtual tour of the property

    We generate a virtual tour of the property that, unlike images, allows people to both tour the property and examine it from a bird's eye view to understand how it built and whether it actually suits their needs..

    Smart Broker
  3. Stand out above all others

    Sending the property page to the customer WHATSAPP Or inEMAIL , Whether before or after visiting the property, it causes the property to stand out far above the dozens of other properties it has inspected.

    Smart Broker
  4. Distribution to hundreds of real estate agents

    You can choose the dynamic site that we clean for the property to appear in the system for realtors - SMART BROKER And from there will be distributed to hundreds of relevant customers

    Smart Broker
  5. Direct Marketing in one click

    Property owners may publish a link to their property page in dozens of dedicated Facebook groups to which we refer them, thus increasing the chance of finding tenants.

    Smart Broker
  6. Motivating clients to contact

    Potential clients can place a bid for your property, directly from your property page.

    Smart Broker

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